Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Figuring Out How to ePublish

I remember the exact week!
It was the third week of January this year when I decided to convert several books I'd written and self published to the Kindle and ePub platforms. Well, that's when the weeks and months of frustration and confusion started. It looks so easy; but it turns out the "helpful' instructions several of the more popular epublishing services provide aren't so helpful at all.

We all know the "devil is in the details" (so to speak), and there are many many detail steps to get just one manuscript converted to an eBook. However, there being so many steps isn't really the problem; not knowing or understanding the "process" is the real challenge.  Being tenacious and really wanting to get these books epublished, I decided to do the research and figure out a process that anyone else could follow.

I learned that from a best friend and fellow author that he had experienced the same challenges and frustrations. I was so glad to hear this (but at the same time felt his pain) because I knew that together we would share experiences and come up with a plan for others to follow. That's exactly what we did!

Here we are six months later with the "process" designed, tested, and ready to share with others.
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