Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to Develop Your Story iDea For Your eBook

eBook Idea Development & Content Organization
This process is unique and efficient; We supply the workbook and guidance, you supply the idea!

You'll learn how to do the following for your eBook idea:

  • Learn how to take your book idea and turn it into a table of contents. We’ll walk you through the process of organizing your idea, creating the ‘gotcha’ reader benefits, and walk through the process of creating a table of contents.
  • Learn how to organize and  structure your research notes and information for easy retrieval, and how to structure your book content so your story flows and provides a great reading experience.
For your convenience, we provide three types of eBook classes.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Austin, Texas
"How to Market Your eBook to Get Noticed, Drive Sales & Make Money"
This three hour class gives you access to experienced Author-Marketers. You'll learn the essentials to effectively build a platform to market your eBook and sustain momentum. Topics include marketing strategies, marketing activities, and how to brand yourself and create a platform to get noticed and make money. You'll also receive our class note booklet.

Date: Saturday, July 23 in Austin Texas
Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Want To Publish Your Own eBook?

Class On How to Create, Publish and Market Your eBook
Register Now as seats are truly limited!

Have you written your novel, history book, children's book. or a how to book but don't know how to get it published on Kindle or iBook?Have you found the road to publishing an eBook confusing and frustrating? Get the how-to and learn the nuances on publishing your book now. 

Join our class on Saturday, June 25 at BookPeople, Austin Texas.In just 4 hours we'll show you how to publish your own eBook using our Roadmap to eBook Publishing. This half day class will teach you all you need to know to get your book published in Kindle and ePub formats for eBook readers, PC's and smart phones.

- Pitfalls and how to avoid them
- Do’s and Don'ts
- How to price to make money
- Live demos for Kindle and iPad manuscript conversion
   conversion and publishing
- How to market your eBook

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Figuring Out How to ePublish

I remember the exact week!
It was the third week of January this year when I decided to convert several books I'd written and self published to the Kindle and ePub platforms. Well, that's when the weeks and months of frustration and confusion started. It looks so easy; but it turns out the "helpful' instructions several of the more popular epublishing services provide aren't so helpful at all.

We all know the "devil is in the details" (so to speak), and there are many many detail steps to get just one manuscript converted to an eBook. However, there being so many steps isn't really the problem; not knowing or understanding the "process" is the real challenge.  Being tenacious and really wanting to get these books epublished, I decided to do the research and figure out a process that anyone else could follow.

I learned that from a best friend and fellow author that he had experienced the same challenges and frustrations. I was so glad to hear this (but at the same time felt his pain) because I knew that together we would share experiences and come up with a plan for others to follow. That's exactly what we did!

Here we are six months later with the "process" designed, tested, and ready to share with others.
Check out and join us at one of our classes on how to prepare your manuscript, publish your eBook and market it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Muse To Creative Minds

Consultant, business manager, entrepreneur, and technologist with highly honed collaborative and creative skills.

Creator of numerous business models and organizations to promote the development and cross-pollination of knowledge, Ms. St. James is an experienced leader and business manager skilled at recognizing business opportunities and building alliances between constituencies that result in successful and mutually rewarding partnerships. She utilizes her skills as a marketer, promoter and administrator to develop and deploy unique products that satisfy niche markets and create new business opportunities. She is often referred to as a muse to creative minds.

Designer of the Sports Utility Towel
Gym sweet towel with two padded pockets to hold cell phone, keys, plus miscellaneous items that can easily be left behind when exercising.

Author - Don’t Diet: The Handbook on Kicking The Aging Habit
ISBN 978-1-4116-9463-7
A guide on how to effect the aging process by adapting a positive attitude and taking responsibility of nutrition and physical activity. A chronicle of the process of becoming healthy and fit as a senior citizen.
A unique focused and flexible method that assists creative minds to clarify and organize ideas, position the outcome, and develop an action plan to reach hte desired goal.
Get information and learn the benefits of self-directed retirement investing available to you in the tax code. Guides, manuals, seminars plus much more for self education.
Web-based business with tools to help reduce the huge dropout percentage of new real estate agents in the U.S, and a series of seminars that teach individuals how to become self-directed investors.

Acceler Model
A dynamic economic development template for the purpose of creating a private/public sector platform for sustainable regional economic development.

Technopolis XChange
An international organization for the purpose of cross-pollinating expertise and creating new business opportunities between communities with like technology bases.

TBN (Technical Business Network)
A non-profit professional membership organization that serves technology companies nationally and internationally by fostering alliances and providing access to business resources.

B.S.I.S., Texas State University, Texas
System Engineer, IBM Technical Educational Programs - Flint and Ann Arbor, MI

More About St. James

Over an eight-year period St. James led numerous technology-related initiatives that have had exposure in USA Today, CNNfn, CNET, and regional media. Her background as a corporate executive and system engineer provides her with an understanding of the many aspects of building alliances to successfully develop and implement various products and services.

During her career she has held several executive positions including corporate director, director of management information systems, and founder and director of the first automated advertising interconnect in the United States.

She has served on the Austin Texas Mayor’s international cabinet as a board member of the International Center of Austin (ICA). She is an Honorary Citizen of Lubbock, Texas in recognition of her leadership in the formation of the Lubbock Regional BioScience Initiative for West Texas, and for her ongoing service to the community. She served on the Founding Member Council for the 15th World Congress on Information Technology. In 2001 High Tech Austin named her a Mover & Shaker and, in 1999 she was named trade advisor to the JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization).

Her interests include her art endeavors, European Union development programs, international cooperation and cross-pollination, and international travel.

She is the mother of four grown children, a proud grandmother of seven, and an artist and published poet.